Innovation, inventiveness, passion, magic words meaning love for work. Bersano is all that.
A real laboratory of ideas, audacious designs, continuous changes with he ambitious aim of creating technology at the state of the art and producing machines with care and constructive rigour without any compromise.
With over 20 years' experience, OMB designs and produces labelling machines and capping machines in the seat of Calamandrana, in the heart of an important wine region that now is also a technological pole for the enological mechanical production famous all over the world. OMB has been producing and exporting its products to Europe, USA, South America for many years, granting a widespread and qualified after-sale service. The machines of Officina Meccanica Bersano have recently reached also the markets of Japan and Australia, a boundless success due to the undisputable reliability of the labelling machines with adhesive system.

Francesca Bersano

Our machines

Ezio Bersano, the technology expert of the company, and his wife Franca, who attends to the marketing and the contacts with the clients, were able to create and manage a team where the market rules, the technology and the business could not overwhelm the spirit of enterprise, the passion for a work that must still be "human". As a matter of fact only a careful hand and careful checks-over can guarantee the perfections and the versatility in design that have been the reasons for the success of the company.

But the technology OMB is to be known, carefully examined, tested, since nowadays everybody underlines the materials, the quality and the reliability of the machines, yet in our technological world results count more than numbers and statistics. For this reason the OMB machine deserve your attention, dedication and passion, the same qualities the designers and technicians of Bersano invested... Read more >>
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