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Established in 1980, OMB designs and manufactures labelling and capping machines at its site in  Calamandrana, in the heart of a region with a strong vocation for wine making and now a technological pole  in the sector of wine making machinery that is famous all over the world.
Enthusiasm, creative spirit and innovation are the magic words that speak of a love for the job that is the essence of  OMB’s activities. A workshop of  ideas, often audacious projects, and ongoing innovation focusing on an ambitious goal: to create state-of-the-art technologies and produce machines with uncompromising care and attention to detail. OMB is a firm where the market, technology  and business interests have never overridden its pure entrepreneurial spirit: only a careful hand and an accurate eye can guarantee the perfection and flexibility of design that are the firm’s winning cards.

With all the strength of a great group

In 2007 OMB came to be part of the Della Toffola Group, and now its products reach all over the world: Europe, the USA, Latin America, Japan, Australia, and many other countries have now decreed the success of its self-adhesive labelling machines. The strength of the Group lies in its ability to offer complete, all-round wine making systems, and to guarantee a qualified and capillary after-sales service anywhere on the planet.